Having been in a number of long-term relationships, being of a certain age and having had the pleasure to be friends with a number of very intelligent women, I have gained some knowledge about the differences between the way men and women communicate. Because they were not understood, these differences led to a very difficult recent uncoupling of a deep and meaningful relationship. However, the courage of my ex-partner to push me out for my highest good, has also opened my heart and soul to the wonders of the beings we are, whether individually or jointly. I would like to share my journeys with you and, hopefully, help you in yours. Come, sit comfortably, and let me tell you my tales in the hopes you can learn to avoid the shoals that we imagine present in our love life. Let us love and be loved.

Through this blog, my intentions are to detail some of my stories from my point of view and that of different women, as well as provide some pointers on how to either create your ideal relationship or “repair” your existing relationship. In the end, I hope that you may avoid heart breaks which are mostly caused by our egos. These are wrapped in our past experiences which have engendered deep memories that resonate in the present and cause us to think about and create a future that is intended to repeat the past. After all, we all fear the unknown and so we return, instinctively, to the familiar even if it causes us great pains and anguish.

Instead, wouldn’t it be wiser to focus on the present, and enjoy the gifts that have been given to us? Getting ahead of myself, I would also note that to be in a deeply enriching and fulfilling relationship, one has to be willing to provide unconditional love and accept your partner for whom they are. We do not have the power to change another. We can only work at changing ourselves. That means, we must conquer our fears. If you are a man, you must conquer your fears of being vulnerable (hint: there is nothing wrong with crying). If you are a woman, you must conquer other fears that we will explore at a later time. In all cases, we must shed our past which is no longer relevant to the present. We must break down the walls that we have built up in the belief that they will protect us when, in fact, they prevent us from enjoying the moment and creating a future full of joy and abundance.

This is hard to do. Believe me, I know. I am still working at it and, as I said earlier, not having cleared these hurdles was part of the reason that caused my most important relationship to date to end. So I am single again and learning to love myself and the world around me (Another lesson, that we will explore later.).

Join me as we explore the world of singledom and relationships. The reasons why men and women have genetically evolved to mis-communicate. Women, if you have ever wondered how a man’s brain operates in a relationship, or wondered what he was thinking, or the meaning of his words … then this blog is for you. Men, if you ever wondered how to communicate with your partner, or wanted to know the hidden meaning of her words or silences, or even wondered how to keep the romance alive … then this blog is for you.

Allow me to end this initial blog by quoting from Abraham-Hicks (for the record, I receive no financial remuneration from this or any other organization. I refer to Abraham-Hicks because s/he, along with other spiritual guides, have helped me in this journey. May they help you as much if you chose to listen.) about what a relationship should be:

The relationship that I want [with myself or another] is one of ease. It’s easy to feel good. It’s easy to feel as one. It’s easy to like what I see. It’s easy to move through my day. It’s easy to do the work that I want to do. It’s easy to be two separate people with two separate intentions through many things. It’s easy to be in the relationship. It’s easy. It feels comfortable and secure. It feels honest and deep. It feels real and true. It feels Source and Core. It feels soft and gentle. It feels love and being loved. It feels knowing. It feels like home. It feels fun and delicious. It feels passionate. It’s easy!”

May all of our relationships, particularly those we have with ourselves, be easy!

See you soon, Jean-Pierre

PS To be clear, this blog is written by a man. While it is meant to address both men and women, it provides the point of view of a man.


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