On Being One … And The Power Of “When”

Since my last post (See: On Being One … And The Power Of A New Year), some of you have commented to me about how the holidays (holidaze?) affect your feelings of solitude. Most of you are single, though some of you are with a partner and some of you are still “single.” It is a time when the media does a very effective job of trying to convince us that we should be happy and loved. Of course, most media is meant to get us to purchase something to make us happy! As my grandfather used to say: “Christmas is a time to show people how much you love someone by how deep you reach in your pocket!” I should note that granddad said that in a sarcastic tone and didn’t mean a word of it. He was simply rebelling against a time of the year when too many of us are made to feel sad by the media. Of course, family members reminding us that we have not achieved our highest goals (?) don’t help.

So, I was pondering these thoughts at my favorite spot in Laguna Beach, and I was inspired to write something to share with you in the hopes that you may take it to heart. To remind you (and me) that, regardless of your circumstances, you are part of a greater Whole.


When your summer days are colder than winter nights
When people around you cannot break your solitude
When it seems love will never come your way
When days are simply endless hours of nothingness
When your bed is a sea of loneliness
When your heart has forgotten to smile
When your eyes have forgotten to feel
When you start to question the purpose of your life
When your road seems to lead to nowhere
Know that you were never alone
Know that I always smiled at you
Know that my hand was always there to help you up
Know that I was there to guide you to the light
Know that I was in every song that made you cry
Know that I was in everything that made you smile
Know that I was every touch that comforted you
Feel my love for you
Feel the softness of my hand upon your cheek
Feel the light of my eyes guiding you
Feel the warmth of my hugs
Fell my heart beating for you
Let me take your hand
Let your heart sing
Let your eyes feel
For I am with you
And will always be

This is not Emily Dickinson or Ernest Hemingway. It is, however, offered from my heart to yours.

May your New Year be filled with friends, love, laugh and giggles, Jean-Pierre

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