On Being One… And The Power Of A Letter

Recently, I had the privilege and honor of helping a friend overcome the end of a relationship. We have known each other for a very long time, so I know his dreams and his nightmares. I know what he loves and what he fears. I know his joys and sorrows. I have even helped him live through some of them. So, after a recent session which followed a contact from his ex, I wrote him a letter. Because it touched his heart and helped him overcome this latest stumble, he encouraged me to post it so that it may help others. So, here goes:

My dearest friend.

I know that you are most afraid of being unworthy. Unworthy of being loved and unworthy of being financially abundant. Somehow, both are entwined in your mind. Let me put your mind and heart at peace.

Unworthy of love? Well, let me remind you that you have been, and continue to be, loved by many. Many of your friends cry with you at your sorrows, and shout with you at your joys. Some even pray for you, and others have their parents pray for you. They all, without fail, cheer for you because they know you are worthy. Many of your past relationships have loved you deeply. Unfortunately, you didn’t let yourself be loved by most, if not all. I shouldn’t say “unfortunately” because they provided you lessons along your path that has made you the unique open-hearted person you are. The man who is strong enough to show his weakness and ask for help.

Did these relationships come to you so you could work some Karma? Some past life experiences? Perhaps. Some believe so. I believe that Source does not keep score. That whatever Karma exists is dealt with in the present. That when your body dies, the score is reset. Did these relationships come so you could contrast them with your parents’? Or perhaps you were afraid to love because your parents’ relationship always seemed “wrong” somehow? I don’t know. I do know you well enough to know that you believed in fairy tales, and still do. That you were always rushing in on your white steed in defense of the maiden. You were so busy looking for the fair maiden, that you didn’t give yourself to the one next to you. So, your heart and eyes were always turned every other way with each of them. Yet, in your own way, you loved them. You were loyal to them. You were always there when they needed you. Always dropping whatever you were doing to help them. You were always polite and their friends were always jealous that she was with you. You made them laugh (or tried your best to). Sometimes you made them cry, but without malice in your heart which you always wore on your sleeve. You always supported their dreams, and sometimes even made them come true. You would have brought down the moon for each of them if you could have. And still, you searched for your damsel to rescue from the dragon you were prepared to slay, never realizing until now that the dragon was within you.

I have known you long enough to know that you were always afraid to be alone, and still are. I know the deep solitude that was your early life. The imaginary friends and dates so that others would not think you as lonely and unloved. Always afraid of the silence lest you found out that you didn’t like yourself. Afraid that you were and are unworthy. That your father was right, that you were, are and will always be worthless. His words cut deep into your soul and you still carry the scar even though you know he didn’t mean them. Or rather that he meant them so as to toughen you up for he believed the world to be cruel and that only the strongest survive. But you never wanted to survive… you wanted to thrive! You wanted to soar!

What a twisted road you have followed my friend. You have truly forgotten why you are here. You have forgotten you are joy incarnate. You have forgotten that every thing is possible and open to you. You look for ways to be sad. Look around you. Open your heart and feel with your eyes. Listen to the miracles that surround you. Be like the bird that sings, not because it has a song, but because it can and lives the moment. Don’t expect anything short of miracles to come your way. Open your heart and watch what happens. Breathe and notice the signs around you that show you are blessed, that Source appreciates you because you are Source. How could you be anything but worthy since you are made from Source? You are light and love. You are joy and laughter. You can’t help but love and be loved. It is your true nature.

Come open your heart and sense your true self. Live in the magic world of your imagination and let your dreams be realized. And know that I will always be there to listen and lend a hand.

Your friend, always, Jean-Pierre

His message to you all is: love yourself and no one will hurt you, nor will you hurt anyone … ever.

In joy and love – Jean-Pierre

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