On Being One … And The Power Of “Today” – Part I

Today abundance in all things surrounds us
Today true love is ours when we no longer need it
Today we are vulnerable to our partner
Today there are people one can trust instinctively
Today we realize we create our reality through our thoughts
Today we see that angels do exist and we call upon them
Today we see that miracles surround us every day in hummingbirds being able to fly backwards
in the crickets chirping under our windows
in the sun rising every morning and the moon every night
in the rainbows that color the sky after a rainfall
in the morning dew that reflects our hopes and dreams
Today we know that time heals all wounds
and that the people who hurt us the most are the ones we love the most
Today we know that mankind is inherently “good”
Today we understand that karma is not a bitch
and that everything happens for a reason
Today we are loved for who we are
for our passions and our dreams
for our joys and our sorrows
for our laughter and our tears
through the dark times not just the happy times
Today we know we will hold their hand when we’re 82 and feel lucky and loved
Today we strive to make this a better place
and be remembered for the friends we have not the things we owned
Today we are a positive influence on many people
some of whom we know and some of whom just pass us by
Today we made more people laugh than cry
Today we know that this life is worth it and we are grateful

As always in love, Jean-Pierre

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