On Being One … And The Power Of Mis-Communication

Life is abundant with examples of mis-communication between men and women and how they lead to, let’s say, less than desirable results. I have many examples to draw from, both in my personal life and that of friends and clients. However, if an image is worth a thousand words, than a short film must be … well, priceless. I came across this short film by Wong Fu Productions that I believe ideally presents the issue of mis-communication between men and women. While most of us will no doubt laugh, it is because most of us have lived this scenario, or a reasonable simile of it, and it makes us uncomfortable (one of the reasons we laugh is to release tension at something we find unpleasant or uncomfortable).

I hope you take the time to reflect upon what it can teach.

As always, I welcome your comments, Jean-Pierre

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PS WongFu Productions was started by UC San Diego students and is now an independent production company. I find their videos hilarious but also deeply inspiring on the subject of how men and women mis-communicate. Other than liking them, I have no association with them.


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