On Being One … And The Power Of The End Of A Relationship

We’ve all been there, most of us multiple times … some too many times to care to remember. We fell in love and for a period of time, shorter or longer, we were the center of attention of this person. We basked in their apparent love and sometimes adoration. We wondered how lucky we had been to finally find “the one.” We walked on air with a perpetual smile on our face. And then … s/he zigged and you zagged. Small things began to trouble and bother you. S/he no longer smiled or told you s/he loved you as often, or at all. S/he went out with friends more often. S/he was more prone to criticize than to compliment. In other words … you drifted apart. The love that was had sailed into troubled waters replete with rocks sharp enough to impale your heart. And then the day came when s/he told you that the relationship was “over.” When s/he told you that  you weren’t “enough”; you weren’t “the one”; s/he would be “happier without you.” When the words spoken cut into you like a millions shards of glass splintered by the beats of your heart.

At that time, it is wise to remember that we live in a world of polarity: South and North; Up and Down; Left and Right; Darkness and Light; and that for every action there is an inverse and direct opposite reaction. So, why is the end of relationship necessarily a “bad” thing? Could we not see it as the beginning of a new one, however long it takes to find it?

From a spiritual perspective, because this is a world of polarity, every relationship that has soured and ended has set forth a request for the exact opposite. So, while thinking of your ex, you may want to think about the following view, mantra, prayer (whatever you wish to call it), to help you find a more vibrant, loving and healthy relationship:

We came together to travel the same path and write the same story. But we came to a fork and our story ended. Perhaps there was some pretending going on in our relationship. At a minimum, there was some, if not a lot, of mis-communication going on. But the good news is that out of that came my keen awareness that I needed to know myself better. That I needed to take the time to love myself and rediscover the wonderful person that I am. I’m so excited about getting to know myself. To get in touch with my soul. And in time, travel this new road with a partner who knows that s/he is responsible for his/her own happiness. Someone who is in love with life. Someone who knows life is a road for us to learn that we are loved because we are; that we are here to be and live in love. 

Thank you for our excursion and for the benefit it has given me. Thank you for mirroring my fears and providing me with the opportunity to raise my vibration. I now realize that we attracted each other into our lives to give us the opportunity to grow. I send you love and light to illuminate your chosen path while I travel my own.

Of course, good as this point of view is, the large part of the work remains to learn who you are and to love the person you are just as you are. And to remember that you are loved simply because you are.

As always, I welcome all feedback and comments, Jean-Pierre

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